Interactive Dog Toy

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Interactive Dog Toy

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Keep your pet mentally and physically stimulated with the Interactive Dog Toy! Play with your food!

The Interactive Dog Toy provides an interesting living for your pet! Now it is easier to feed and fun to play! The toy increases IQ, physical activity, reduces destructive behavior and vanishes the depression!

With this tool that has a function of a feeder you can give nourishment to your dog with adjustable portions of food according to your pet’s need. The feeding amount can be controlled by the switch on the side of the toy. The food dispenser is easy to use: just unscrew the top lid to add pet food in.

Made of safe, non-toxic and prime material that does no harm to your furry friend. Available in bright colours: pink, orange and green, that attract your dog’s attention and interest.


✔️ HEALTHY EATING — the toy is good for dogs to play while eating food. It helps reduce pet’s destructive behavior through healthy play and exercise, while maintaining the alertness of pet bodies and satisfying their hunting instinct. The hard work will be rewarded with food coming out of the feeder.

✔️ NUTRITION CONTROL by putting a certain portion of pet food in the toy, you control the amount of food your dog eats. Your pet will have no choice, but eat what is dispensed. The toy can slow down pet feeding and prevent pet from digestion, bloating and obesity. Besides, the treats leaking hole is adjustable, so the toy is suitable for almost all types of snacks.

✔️ DESIGN — with the help of the tumbler design, the toy arises the interest and appetite. While playing pets can smell, see and find the snacks that are hidden inside of it. Plus, no matter how pets roll the ball, it will stand up.

✔️ CLEAN-UP — unscrew the lid to add food or treats. Clean with warm sudsy water part by part. Rinse and dry before filling food.

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