LED Light Dog Nail Clippers

(3 customer reviews)

LED Light Dog Nail Clippers

(3 customer reviews)

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Keep your pet’s nails beautifully trimmed with the LED Light Dog Nail Clippers!

Your pretty pet’s nails will always be the perfect length thanks to the LED Light Dog Nail Clippers. It is an ergonomically designed powerful and easy-to-use pet grooming tool with the wavy handle that fits your fingers. These nail clippers are recommended by animal trainers, veterinarians, professional pet groomers and thousands of satisfied customers.

It lets you groom your furry friend’s nails quickly and gently in the safety and convenience of your own home. The LED light function ensures a stress-free experience for your pet! Developed for a safe grooming experience, our nail clippers feature a magnifying glass & LED light that illuminates the nail and even shows the dark nail head-on and veins underne! Perfect for pets of all sizes.


✔️ SAFETY these dog nail clippers can be used to trim pet nails safely and conveniently to avoid injury to animals.

✔️ LED LIGHT the super bright LED light can illuminate, it improves the visibility of pet nails for safe grooming. You can clearly see the blood line, so it is easy to trim in the right spot, thus preventing over-trimming and overcutting.

✔️ NON-SLIP HANDLE it features comfortable, easy, non-slip, ergonomic handle which stays safely in place in your hands to ensure ease of use and prevent accidental injuries and cuts.

✔️ BLADE it is made of high quality thick stainless steel material. The blade is replaceable and powerful enough to trim your dog’s or cat’s nails with just one cut.

✔️ MAGNIFIER our dog nail clippers with magnifying glass have a magnification of 5 times, which is twice that of other nail clippers. You can see the details of claws clearly, so you can feel free to cut.

NOTE: Find the right position to hold your pet firmly on the soles of his feet, exposing his nails.

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3 reviews for LED Light Dog Nail Clippers

  1. A***a

    Professional obcinaczki to claw next after 11dniach of order-EXPRESOWO!!! Not yet testowałam but look really well. Recommend this seller

  2. R***s

    Is very good product and delivers what it promises. Super easy cut nails dog.

  3. J***

    Compliant item. I do not recommend it for all small dogs, york style etc. I use it for a dog of 5 kg and it works. Even if you always have to be careful and do not rely only on light.

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