Raised Dog Bowl

(2 customer reviews)

Raised Dog Bowl

(2 customer reviews)

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Take your dog’s mealtime to a whole new level with the Raised Dog Bowl!


The idea of the Raised Dog Bowl is to create a health-conscious environment by allowing your furry friend to eat in a natural standing position which aids in digestion and reduces stress on the body, improving overall health and well-being

The solid non-slip base ensures that the bowls stay firmly in one place during your pet’s eating. The bowl is made from stainless steel material and the shelf is built with ABS plastic material, that is non-toxic, rust and scratch-resistant, thus providing your dog a healthy feeding life. Non-slip ring at the edge of the bowl helps hold the bowls securely, making your pet less worry about tipping and flipping and just enjoy his eating time! 

Detachable design of the bowl and the shelf gives dog owners easy filling and cleaning. Available in 2 sizes: small and large,  our dog bowl is ideal for medium or large breed dogs who need their bowls elevated. Even if your dog is a messy eater this Dog Bowl will help your home stay clean. You can use it right out of the box so if your pets are hungry then they are in luck! Just fill the bowls up with food and water and you’re done!


✔️ HEALTH — helps to reduce the strain on dog’s neck and joints, while encouraging better digestion and reducing the chance of bloating by adjustable elevated bowl holder to fit your dog’s preferred height.

✔️ COMFORT — сomes with a removable stainless steel, rust-resistant bowls that are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and maintenance. Plus, bowls can be used together or individually and removed easy to refill.

✔️ RELIABILITY — non-slip base ensures the bowls stay in place.

✔️ ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT — the adjustable height of the elevated feeder makes it easy to grow with your dog, from small to large.




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2 reviews for Raised Dog Bowl

  1. V***E

    I spent much time looking at all raised feeder options before I chose this item. The only drawbacks that I saw were that it was plastic, and that it looked a tad flimsy. However, NOT true. It IS plastic, but hard (not brittle) and heavy duty. Was extremely simple to put together, and not flimsy. Other reviews stated that it is even more sturdy placed against a wall. True. And thank you for the tip. Changing the height is very easy and it becomes even more sturdy. And it’s easy to maintain-looks good. Price point for the product quality is excellent. I have three dogs and will buy two more!

  2. G***n

    Very happy for the price! I feel it is good quality without paying a ton of money. I got this for my new puppy and it’s been working great!

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