Terms of Service

Basic points

WyDog is the company operating this website. Here and further down this page, the company will be referred to as “we”, “us”, “our” and related pronouns in the required case. You as a user are welcome to use this website, provided that you agree to abide by the regulations, terms and conditions that are established for its use.

You become the recipient of our “Service” the moment you visit our webpage and engage with us in any way, starting from browsing the website and reading the information, to sharing your personally identifiable information, to placing orders and requesting our services. Any user of this website agrees to comply with the Terms of Service by staying on this website, including merchants, potential clients, designers or content creators.

It is important that you study the Terms of Services before you start using our website. When you browse this website or use the embedded features, you are considered a participant of this agreement. Failure to comply with these Terms may result in our refusal to provide our Service to you, and in some cases can cause legal repercussions. Not knowing the regulations stipulated in these Terms does not exempt users from complying with them or bearing legal responsibility for the failure to comply. If you do not agree to the present Terms of Service, in full or in part, you should abstain from using this website, including visiting it and viewing its pages.

Our website undergoes regular updates; recently added features, products or services are covered by our Terms of Service as well as the previously existing items. The information on the Terms of Service page can also be subject to eventual changes as required for reflecting the new items added to the website. As long as you continue using this website and its services, it automatically means that you agree to the changes.

This shop is empowered by Automattic Inc. that automates the store embedded on our website, which makes it possible for us to provide retailing services to you.

Section 1. Terms of online purchasing

By visiting our website and agreeing to the present Terms of Service, you confirm that you have reached the age of majority in your country of residence, and in case you allowed the use of this website by minors in your care, you confirm this consent.

It is prohibited to use our services for any illegal or criminal activities, or such that violate, in part or in full, the current legislation statutes, including, but not limited to, unauthorized copying and use of our intellectual property.

Criminal practices aimed at spreading pests, viruses or other materials that are hazardous for other users of this website or its employees is punishable by law.

The Company retains the right to discontinue the provision of Service to persons who, knowingly or unknowingly, violate the regulations reflected in the present Terms of Service.

Section 2. General terms and conditions

The Company has the right to refuse the provision of the Service to anyone without any further explanation, at any given time.

By sharing your personally identifiable information on this side, apart from the credit card information that is protected by the billing service encryption, you confirm that you are aware of the nature of such transactions, which may result in (a) exposure over networks; and (b) the changing nature of requirements across various systems and devices.

You confirm that you do not intend to copy or reproduce the textual or graphical content that can be found on this website, or reconstruct the access to the Service illicitly and without the permission of the website’s authorities. The list of the illegal practices enumerated here is not complete, aiming at brevity and convenience of use; other practices not mentioned here and aimed at unlawful attempts to represent this store will be considered actionable.

Section 3. Precision and correctness of the information

We do our best to make the information we share with our customers and users on this website as accurate and complete as possible. Nevertheless, we are not responsible for occasional omissions, errors and other eventual flaws that can be found throughout the information published on this website. We are not responsible for any misuse of the information shared on our website and eventual damages caused as a result.

Some historical facts can be provided on this website, if and where applicable. The accuracy of these facts is not the responsibility of this website’s management, and the opinions quoted do not necessarily represent those of the content creators or the owners of the website. The content can be subject to changes, updates and replacement over the time. By using our updated website, you agree to the updated Terms of Service.

Section 4. Eventual changes to offers

The prices quoted on this website can be changed without any prior notice.

The right to change or modify any bit of information contained on this website, including prices, offers and range of products and services, is reserved.
We cannot be held liable for any misunderstanding arousing from eventual changes in pricing, product range or information contained on this website.

Section 5. Conditions related to products and services

In certain cases the products and services offered on this website are limited in their number, and can only be available on the website and for a short period of time. Returns for such products should be discussed individually, and always follow the regulations stipulated on our Return Policy page.

Be informed that despite our best efforts at conveying the accuracy of shapes, colours and sizes, the original product that you receive may differ from its graphical representation on the website due to the reasons that we cannot affect, such as the individual color scheme of your monitor.

Our website reserves the right, but has no obligation to, to refuse selling any items or provide any services to persons, areas or jurisdictions, without any explanation or notice. We equally reserve the right to withhold the provision of services, including the distribution of products or products in specific quantities. We are entitled to alter the offer or the price of products that can be found on this website at our sole discretion. The right to discontinue selling any specific product or remove it from our website is also reserved by WyDog.com.

We are not obliged by the jurisdiction to take responsibility for the quality of products manufactured by third parties and purchased on our website. If the items ordered or the services received do not meet your expectations, we are not responsible for satisfying your claims.

Section 6. Billing and personal data

Our website retains the right of refusing to make a transaction at any time, or to limit the number of items sold per person during every separate order placed. These limitations can be applied to users logged in under one account, paid for using the same credit card, or placed from the same IP address; other limitations not mentioned in this paragraph regarding the quantity of items per household may apply. If we decide to cancel the order you have placed with us, we will send you a notice via either phone call, text message or an email about the order cancellation. The orders that appear to us to have been placed by unauthorized distributors can be changed without explanation of reasons at any time.

By requesting our services and making the purchase, you agree to provide the information that is required by us to our obligations to you. The accuracy of the information you share with us will have a direct impact on the promptness and quality of our services. It is important that we have your contact information for notifications related to your order.

For more information of how we handle your personal data, please see the Privacy Policy section.

Section 7. Optional features

Certain features on this website can be provided by third parties; such features are neither controlled nor monitored by WyDog.com, and we do not bear any responsibility for them.

By using these tools and sharing the information required for their operation with the third parties, you confirm that you delegate all and any responsibility for the handling of your data and the outcomes of their use to the party operating these features.

Using the optional features of the website provided by third-party entities is always made under your own responsibility. By using such features, you acknowledge that any outcomes resulting from their use will be disputed between you and the third-party provider.

WyDog.com reserves the right to change the list of existing features and tools and/or add own features. Every new tool or feature of the website will be covered by the existing Terms of Service.

Section 8. External links

On this website, you will come across hyperlinks that lead to third-party websites. Our website is not responsible for the information that is contained on this website, and potential dangers that may result from the use of these pages, such as contracting viruses and malware. The moment that you leave the pages of WyDog, your user experience is no longer covered by these Terms of Service. We have no influence on the information published on the websites we link to, nor are we responsible for the user experiences that occur when users follow the links leading to external resources.

Section 9. User feedback and interactions

Our website is an interactive space where users are encouraged, but not obliged, to share their creative ideas, suggestions, opinions, contributions, comments, etc., in a variety of forms, both online by using such media as email, commenting section, or uploading features, or by post and via the telephone. By sharing their intellectual property with us, they agree that WyDog.com can use these materials at its own discretion and without notifying the originator of the idea or the author of the submitted content. These ideas, suggestions, comments, etc., may be displayed on our website and visible to other users. Our website is not responsible for confidentiality of such information shared with us.

The materials can be moderated, monitored and censured, but our website is not bound by any liability or obligation to bring the materials shared with us into compliance with the generally accepted norms of behaviour, including, but not limited to, the manifestations of blasphemy, aggression, disrespect, pornography and other materials that can be deemed offensive.

Before you leave a comment or any other meaningful piece of communication on this website, you agree that your messaging will comply with the existing regulations reflected in these Terms of Service, and will not contain materials that can be found offensive by other users, the community, the website authorities and other unspecified audiences. You also must understand that the comments you share will not be displayed as those representing the viewpoints of the website officials. You also confirm that the comments and other materials shared with us will not disclose any sensitive information that you are unauthorized to disclose, or infringe the copyright for intellectual property owned by any third party. When sharing any piece of communication on our website, you cannot use credentials of any third party, whether you are or not authorized to do so, or provide fake contact information, including the contact information that is accurate but does not belong to you.

Section 9 item a. Authorizing us to use your name

If you are agreeing or initiating sharing of a comment or product/service review, you authorize our website to use your name and other information you provide. You agree that your information can be displayed next to our sponsored materials, advertising, deals and promotional campaigns. Such materials can be used on a third-party website where our company has an account, such as, but not limited to, social media sites, without any compensation to you.

Section 9 item b. Exclusive permission to use content

By sharing your content with us, be it pictures, data or textual content, you agree that WyDog.com can use your materials across social media channels and geographies, modifying, editing, displaying, storing, basing new ideas and distributing your contribution at its own discretion and without any form of compensation to you are the author. We reserve the right to remove the materials you shared without any further explanation or a notice to you.

Section 10. Sensitive information

To learn how we collect, store and protect the information you share with us, please see the page containing our Privacy Policy.

Section 11. Errors and incompleteness of information

Despite our best efforts at keeping the information on our website accurate, fact-based and complete, occasional errors caused by the human factor may occur. WyDog is not liable for any such omissions, errors, misprints or typos or any damage or disappointment resulting from such flaws in the text. We also reserve the right to remove, edit or replace any bit of information that is considered to be inaccurate or incomplete by the website management without any prior notice to users.
WyDog.com is not obliged to announce any upcoming changes to the information contained on this website, or eventual changes in Terms of Service, as well as the products and services offered in our store. Our website is under no obligation to display a notice about any eventual updates in its content. Similarly, we are not obliged to renew, update, refresh or improve the information and content on this website with any regularity.

Section 12. Illegal use

Alongside with other limitations as for the use of the materials on this website, its products and services, users are expected to adhere to the following regulations: (a) to not apply the website, its content, product or services to any unlawful practices; (b) to instigate third parties into applying this website, its content, services or products to any such unlawful uses; (c) to engage in unlawful behaviour that violates federal or regional laws, regulations, norms and jurisdictions while using this website; (d) to infringe the copyright in regards to materials used on this website by its owners of users; (e) to engage in offensive behaviors that harm, insult, harass, threaten or otherwise violate the rights of other users, be it for political, religious motivation or sexual orientation, as well as any other reasons; (f) to share information that is knowingly inaccurate or contains ungrounded recommendations that can cause damage when followed; (g) to knowingly or unknowingly upload harmful ware, such as viruses, spyware and other types of malware that can compromise the functionality and uptime of this website and damage the surfing devices of its users; (h) engage in cyberstalking by collecting, tracking and storing the information about other users; (i) to engage in lucrative practices that can be labeled as spamming, soliciting, identity stealing, imposing, or using crawling, scraping or spidering software; (j) applying this website and its services for any malicious or unacceptable uses; (k) violating or circumventing the safety practices established on this website or any other related website. WyDog.com can terminate the provision of its services to any users who do not comply with these Terms at any time without any prior notice.

Section 13. Disclaimer

Our website cannot be liable for any eventual interruptions in the provision of products or services and is not responsible for amendments for the disappointment that results from such disruptions.

By using our website, you agree that we are entitled to modify, remove or update the range of products and services without notifying the users.

The responsibility of using this site, its products and services, lies entirely on you as a user, as well as inability to access website or use it due to any reason. Apart from the separately stipulated cases, the products and services that are offered through our website are delivered in the form they are displayed on our pages, and we do not warrant their functionality, quality or compliance with your expectations, apart from the cases when the products arrive damaged or defective.

Any damages or injuries resulting from the use of this website, its products or services are sole liability of users. WyDog.com, its management, staff representatives, associates, representatives, suppliers or temporary workers, have no responsibility for any such damages, both material and immaterial, including, but not limited to, damages to the health of owners or pets, material losses, injuries and damages resulting from negligence and tort that were given rise to while this website, its products or services were used. In the states where this exclusion is not applicable, our responsibility for incidents and follow the use of this website, its products or services will be limited to the extent that is minimally permitted by the local jurisdiction.

Section 14. Compensations for losses

By using this site, you agree to hold unharmed the website WYDog.com, its management, employees, associate, suppliers, temporary workers, agents and other representatives, including indemnifying and holding the website and its representative protected from intentional or unintentional harm, including, but not limited to, demands as for covering the attorney fees, compensations and third-party claims made on your behalf. Failure to comply with these Terms will result in our refusal to provide our services to you without any prior notice.

Section 15. Salvatorius

Should any provision of the Terms of Service be found to be invalid, the remaining provisions will continue to apply. If a provision of the Terms of Service is found to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, then such provision will be deemed severable and the remaining provisions will continue to be valid and enforceable.

Section 16. Termination

The agreement reached by the parties on these Terms of Service will survive and remain unchanged upon termination of the present agreement.
Both parties are free to discontinue being parts of the present agreement. In order to terminate this agreement, you need to inform us that you no longer wish to be the recipient of our services, including, but not limited to, the use of this website. If you at any point want to receive our services in future, you will need to agree to the Terms of Service again.

If at any point during the use of this website, its products or services, we deem that your failure to comply with the regulations of these Terms of Service warranties our refusal to provide you our services, we reserve the right to terminate this agreement single-handedly.

Section 17. The origin of products

The manufacturers of our products are headquartered in Asia, with the major concentration of production lines in China. Those requiring more specific information about the products and their manufacturing, please send us an email enquiry.

Section 18. Legal basis

The present Terms of Service and any associated documents and agreements are regulated by the current jurisdiction in USA.
Registered Brand: WyDog.com
Address of company: WyDog, 1074 Henry Ford Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74133
Email: [email protected]

Section 19. Eventual changes

This page contains the most recent and updated Terms of Service. It is recommended to consult it regularly for any eventual changes. Our website is under no obligation to inform its users about the upcoming or implemented changes to the Terms of Service.

Section 20 – Dispute settlement

Our website bears no responsibility for the eventual, consequential or incidental damages that arise from the use, misuse, misunderstanding or misinterpreting the information contained on this website, as well as use and misuse of our products or services.

Section 21. Contact details

Any questions related to the present Terms of Service should be directed to our customer support at [email protected].